Triple J Nursery
Planning Calendar for Strawberry Production

May - June:
Order Plants.  Take soil samples to determine lime and fertilization requirements for your planting site.

July - August:
Prepare land and apply recommended lime and fertilizer.

August - September: 
Pull beds and lay plastic.  Allow at least 3 weeks from fumigation to planting.  Sow ryegrass between beds.

September - October:
Install main irrigation lines and connect to drip lines.  Turn on irrigation and saturate beds then plant the strawberry plugs.  No overhead irrigation is required when using plugs.

October - November:
Maintain adequate moisture until plants go dormant.  If using overhead sprinklers for spring frost protection, you will install these now.  Test run the sprinklers and drain the system for the winter.

November - December:
If using row covers for winter protection, these should be in place by late November or early December. (For information on row cover protection click here).  Scout the fields for possible pests such as diseases, mites and deer.

December - February:
Continue scouting fields.

Remove over-wintering row covers and kill ryegrass.  As plants start to grow begin your weekly fertilizer injections.

March - May:
Fertilize weekly, continue scouting.  Control pests with recommended spray program for your area.  Provide frost/freeze protection when needed (row covers).  Harvest the strawberries.

Finish harvesting and kill plants to prepare to double-crop your beds or remove plastic and plant a summer cover crop.

***This calendar is intended to assist growers in making production decisions in a timely manner.  Always consult your local extension service as well as other growers for more recommendations specific to your area.

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