Jimmy  Witt
PO Box 367
Hayden, AL 35079
Business: 205-647-2552
Mobile: 205-288-9608
Toll Free: 1-866-647-2552
Located in North Central Alabama about 30 miles Northeast of Birmingham.
Supplier of 
Gro-Guard UV
Row Cover
May be planted from setter 
thus more
efficient planting. 

Crop Uniformity & Plant Mortality:
Very uniform plant mortality less
than 1% 

Post Plant Overhead Irrigation:
Overhead irrigation not required.

Plant Storage and Holding Ability:
May be held in trays for several days to
accommodate field planting schedule. 
Initially more expensive. 
Fresh Dug Plants

More labor involved, requires 
experienced planters to achieve
proper planting depth. 
Crop Uniformity & Plant Mortality:
Crop uniformity will very greatly.
Plant mortality will be about 10% 
Post Plant Overhead Irrigation:
7-10 days continuous overhead
irrigation is required. 
Plant Storage and Holding Ability:
Must be held at 33° - 38°F if grower
is not ready to plant upon arrival. 
Initially less expensive. 
When all factors are considered most growers find plugs are the most economical. They also provide excellent crop uniformity.
Comparison of Plug Plants vs. Fresh Dug Plants 
Growers of